Name Changes

Have you ever considered changing your name?  Believe it or not, name changes are not just for movie stars, and can be sought for more practical reasons.  Perhaps you are going through a divorce and want to switch back to your maiden name.  Maybe you want to change your name to better reflect your gender identity. Your situation might involve wanting a new name for spiritual or religious purposes. The list is too numerous to list every situation in which an individual may want a new name, but regardless of the reason, Notaro & Associates, P.C. is here to help.

The process for changing your name in Pennsylvania is fairly straightforward, and can be separated into three basic categories:

Resuming a Prior Name Incident to Divorce

If you’ve been through divorce, and you took your spouse’s last name, you may elect to change your name back to your maiden name at some point due to the divorce.  While these types of name changes usually occur during or directly following the actual divorce, you may also choose to use your prior name months or even years after the divorce has been finalized. Regardless of how long it has been since the divorce, if you want to use your maiden name, our firm can assist you in reclaiming your prior name for a reasonable fee.

Adult Name Change

If you are an adult individual wishing to take on a new first, last, or even middle name, our firm can help you through the process.  Regardless of the motivation for changing your name, fingerprinting, a financial and criminal background check, and publication of the proposed name change are all requirements.  A Judge will review your case during a hearing and will make the decision to grant the name change.  Our firm has helped numerous individuals obtain a new name to better suit their preferences over the years, and we would be happy to assist you with your name change.

Name Change for a Minor

If you are the parent or legal guardian of a minor child, you may face a situation where you might consider changing your child’s name.  A shift in the family dynamics such as adoption or divorce, or even an adult name change can warrant a name change for a child.  Changing the name of a minor is very similar to an adult name change.  To change the name of a minor child, both parents/legal guardians must consent, or at least be given notice, of an anticipated name change action.  Once consent or notice has been given, the process is the same as an adult name change.

Our firm handles name changes in Pittsburgh (Allegheny County), as well as the surrounding counties (Westmoreland, Washington, Butler, Beaver, among others).  If you are interested in a name change, or have any questions about the process of changing your name, please contact Notaro & Associates, P.C. for assistance.