Paternity in Pennsylvania

Are you looking to establish paternity in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania?  Are you a married or unmarried mother who is unsure who the father of your child is?  If you are married, there is a presumption in Pennsylvania that your spouse is the father of the child and this presumption can be difficult to overcome.  If you are not married then there are two ways to accomplish establishing paternity. 

The first way is through the use of DNA Testing.  DNA testing can be performed using a swab from the interior of a person’s mouth, by blood, or by other physical material.  A Father can voluntarily submit to a DNA test or a mother can compel the father to submit to a DNA test.  If paternity is then confirmed through the use of the DNA test a support order may be entered.

The second way paternity can be established is through an acknowledgement of paternity.  A father can sign an acknowledgement of paternity at the hospital right after the child is born or during support proceedings.  A man can also acknowledge paternity without signing any documents through his own actions such as supporting the mother and child financially or emotionally or accepting the child into his household. If a man acknowledges paternity, a support order may also be entered.